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Art Pepper & Laurie Pepper
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Ian Carr
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Miles Davis & Quincy Troupe

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Billie Holiday
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John Chilton
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Charles Mingus
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Hampton Hawes & Don Asher
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A. B. Spellman
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Ross Russell
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Robert Reisner
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Duke Ellington
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Mercer Ellington
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J. C. Thomas
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Jacques Ponzio & Francois Postif
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Lothar Lewien
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Stan Britt
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Peter Wießmüller
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Nick Catalano
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John Minahan
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Sharony Andrews Green
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John Kruth
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Gunther Baumann
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Lothar Lewien

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Linda Dahl
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Donald Clarke
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Reva Marin
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Larry Hicock
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