Jürgen Born

Jürgen Born

was born 1955 in Uelzen/Germany. Today he lives with his wife and daughter in a small village near Hildesheim. His colour intensive spatula oil paintings pick out the world of jazz as a central theme - they are painted music, which he has been developing continually with his series "Jazz Colours" since 1994. The visual language Born uses, is highly expressive - the aim being to merge figure and soundcolours, to abstract and reduce. Source materials are mainly black and white photos from old jazz magazines, combined with the comprimised recollections of innumerable concerts. The results are paintings which create a very authentic mood, in which the play of light and shadow is mastered and the whole melancholy and force of black music is depicted.


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since 1975
  intensive contact with Jazz, Blues, Soul, - incl. DJ engagements and as music program coordinator in diverse clubs in Hannover and surrounding area.
  Art studies, FHS Hannover
  first exhibitions in hannover and surrounding area
since 1994
  Copyrights of his paintings given for covers, bookcovers & magazines
  Sub Dance Galerie, "The Spirit Feel", Hannover
  Urlaubs-Galerie, Berlin
  Art Galerie Amenty, Tokio
  Theaterhaus - Jazztage, Stuttgart
  Visual Blues & Jazz Galerie, Berlin
  Galerie im Bayerischen Hof, München
  LVA Hannover, Laatzen
  Zipfelhausgalerie, Hamburg
  Visual Blues & Jazz Galerie, Berlin
  Foyer des Norddeutschen Rundfunks, Hannover
  Galerie Feiter & Drees, Hannover
  Open Jazz - Liederhalle Stuttgart
  Münchener Klaviertage, Hotel Bayerischer Hof
  Krankenhaus Lindenbrunn, Coppenbrügge
  Jazz - Open, Toulouse
  Neues Kreishaus, Hannover
  Hamelner Kunstmarkt
  NOVO-Film Jahresausstellung
  Hefe-Hof, Hameln
  Wohnraumatelier, Hannover
  Uelzener Allgemeine Zeitung
  Mondial, München
  Jazz- & Bluestage Verden
  Jazzfestival Göttingen, Deutsches Theater
  Rathaus Hemmingen
    Rother Bluestage, Kulturfabrik
    Glashaus, Derneburg
    Jazz & Bluestage Verden
    Rock`n´Popmuseum Gronau, -Basin Street Blues-
    Theater Nienburg, -Ray Charles Special-
  Jazzfestival St. Ingbert, Rathausgalerie
    Rathaus Langenhagen
    Festivalmotiv "Sax Player" für das 1. Bremer Jazz & Swing Festival
    Kalenderprojekt „Jazz Colours 2007“ zugunsten der Jugendarbeit des Jazz Clubs Hannover
    Jazzpodium Titelbild „Chet Baker“, Ausgabe 12/06
  Niedersächsisches Kultusministerium, Hannover
    Veröffentlichung "James Brown" im Rolling Stone, Ausgabe 02/07
    Jazzfest Gronau
    Live Jazz - Jazzfestival Bad Hersfeld, Ausstellung und Festivalmotiv "Pianist in Motion"
    Festivalmotiv "Trumpet Player with Hat " für das 2. Bremer Jazz & Swing Festival
    Jazzfest Delmenhorst, Theater "Kleines Haus"
  Festivalmotiv "Sam Rivers" für das 25. Live Jazz - Jazzfestival Bad Hersfeld
    Festivalmotiv "Jimmy Smith" für das 3. Bremer Jazz & Swing Festival

E-Mail:  born@artis-kunstagentur.de